Annual Superbowl Coin and Currency Auction Saturday, January 27, 2018 Starts at 11:00AM Gilpin Township Firehall Rt. 66, 2 Miles north of Leechburg, Pennsylvania Doors open at 9:00 AM (EST) for inspection on Saturday. Featuring Certified 1877 Indian,  Rare Peoples Bank Tarentum Pa Certified Ch63, Rare Farmers Bank Freeport Ty2 Ch63. 1795 & 1798 Large Cents, 1807 Heraldic Bust Dime, 1795 Flowing Hair Bust Half, 2872cc Half,  1938d W L Half MS65, 25 Gold Pieces, 1860o & 1871  Seated Dollars, Many DMPL Morgans, 1878cc – 1885cc 1893cc and more Morgans. WE ARE ACCEPTING COINS FOR FUTURE AUCTIONS. Please NO JUNK, we reserve the right to group lesser items into better lots.  Please bring your items to the auction on Saturday or to Friday's preview  from 10:00AM to 2:00PM. Call 724-845-7162 or email Click the “Print Version” button above for a printer friendly layout.
Auction Photos Print Version Absentee Bid Home About Us News Coin Antique Directions Contact Us Coin Auctioneer's Note We DO NOT charge BUYERS FEE'S and we let you INSPECT items prior to sale. Doors Open at 9:30 AM for Inspection. Absentee Bids will be accepted until 7:00 PM (EST) Thursday, January 25, 2018. Lots of Parking and the hall is Handicapped Accessible. Jerry and Lee Smith Auctioneers AU1594L Smith’s Antique & Auction Service 111 River Avenue Leechburg, Pennsylvania  15656 724-845-7162 General Terms and Conditions: •	Everything must be PAID FOR IN FULL on the day of the auction regardless of when it is picked up. •	Every effort is made to “Guard” the merchandise throughout the auction, however the bidder becomes solely responsible for ALL ITEMS purchased by him/her immediately following his/her winning bid.  Therefore he/she is advised to guard items at their own discretion. •	The BIDDER is RESPONSIBLE for which item he/she is bidding on.  If unsure he/she should inquire or not bid.  When you become the winning bidder at auction you have effected a contract and will be expected to pay for the items in which you were evidenced to be the successful bidder of.  AUCTIONEER WILL NOT HONOR MISTAKES. •	EVERYTHING is sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” with No Guarantees of any kind, buyers shall rely entirely on their own inspection and information.  Lots purchased by floor bidders or on-line bidders cannot be returned for any reason upon conclusion of the sale.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL. •	No warranty, expressed or implied is made as to the grading which may vary among individuals. •	Any lot determined to be inaccurate may be withdrawn at any time. •	The auctioneer Reserves the Right to accept bids in any increment.  The auctioneer Reserves the Right to ACCEPT or REJECT any or all bids.  In the case of 2 people claiming the same bid, the auctioneer may reopen the bid if he so chooses.  If there is a dispute between bidders, the final award shall be determined by the Auctioneer. •	All bidders must be of legal age (18 years or older). •	The placing of a bid constitutes the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.  Additional On-line/Email Bidding Terms and Conditions: •	All BIDS must be received before 6:00 PM (EST) the night before the auction in order to be processed in time for the sale. •	Payments must be made in the form of a Money Order.  Sorry but no personal/business checks, credit cards, or PayPal. •	Bids will be executed at No Charge with a 10% Buyer’s Premium for the on-line/email bidding if winner of the bid. •	Absentee/Internet Bidders are responsible for any errors in their bid entry.  We cannot accept the responsibility for your errors either in lot number or bid amount. •	Absentee/Internet Bidders must provide their full name, postal address, and phone number in order for the bid to be accepted. •	Payments for item(s)/Lot(s) won must be made within seven (7) days upon notification by phone, email, or written invoice.  Shipment will be by USPS First Class or Priority Mail with insurance.  All postage and handling shall be paid by the Buyer.  All items must be insured at the Buyer’s cost. •	If there are duplicate bids, the lot will be awarded to the first bid received by the Auctioneer.  Any tie bids between Absentee/Internet Bidder and Floor Bidder shall be awarded to the Floor Bidder. 1Box Coin Tubes1x 2BoxCoin Books1x 3Book51 Jefferson Nickels1x 41521941up Lincolns1x 534Lincolns List $601x 613Liberty Nickels List $561x 710Buffalo Nickels 1x 815Barber Dimes List $1111x 911Mercury Dimes List $751x 106S L Quarters List $551x 1179s-87s-97sMorgans 3x 1282s 94s 34dDollars3x 1391BCMonyer Silver Denarius1x 14138-161ADA. Pius Silver Denarius1x 15193-211ADSeverus Silver Denarius1x 16211-217ADWife of Severus “ “1x 17238-244ADGordian III Silver Den.1X 18238-244Copper Geordian III1x 191748Colonial Half Penny1x 201902aPrussia Silver 1 MarkXF 211910aPrussia Silver 3 MarkAU+ 221944Silver 50 Korun SlovakiaMS65 231862Pearson Groc. Troy OhVF 241863Our Flag AU 255US Coin Sets $7.55 Face1x 263US Silver Sets 3.20 Face1x 271939US Proof Set only 8,795Pr69 281955US Proof SetPr69 291957US Proof SetPr69 301958US Proof SetPr69 311959US Proof SetPr69 321960US Proof Set Sm. DatePr69 331961US Proof SetPr69 341962US Proof SetPr69 351963US Proof SetPr69 361964US Proof SetPr70 371976s3 Piece Proof Set DCAMPr69 381961Soviet 100 RoubleCR/UNC 39??Chinese Kennedy Hell NoteUNC 401862Jefferson 5 Cent FractionalCirc 411874Meredith 10 Cent TornUNC 421874Walker 25 CentAG 431923$1 Woods – WhiteCR/UNC 441923$1 Speelman White TearG 451923$1 Speelman WhiteCR/UNC 461923$1 “ 3 cons. #s 3 timesCR/UNC 471928a$1 Woods Mellon FunnybackXF 481934$1 Julian FunnybackXF 491934a$1 North Africa Yellow SealAU 501935e$1 Priest HumphreyAU 511953$2 Red Seals 2 cons. #s 1xCR/UNC 521953a$2 Red Seal STAR NOTEXF 531953b$2 Red Seal STAR NOTEXF 541953c$2 Red Seal STAR NOTEUNC 551914$5 White Mellon VF 561929$10 Ty2 Freeport PaCR/UNC 571929$10 Tarentum PMGCH63 581832Half CentVF 591795Large Liberty Cap CentF 601798Draped Bust Cent Style 1F 611837Large Cent VF 621843Large CentVF 631851Large CentVG 641853Large CentVF 651867Indian Repunch DateMS60+ 661868Indian VG 671858Flying Eagle Lg. LettersVF 681868Indian CentMS63 691870Indian Shallow N AU+ 701873Indian Open 3VF 711876Indian CentVG 721877Indian KEY PCGSVF35 731881Indian CentAU 741888Indian Cent RedMS63 751891Indian Cent RedMS60 761899Indian Cent BrownMS63 771907Indian Cent RedMS65 7810Mixed Indian Cents1x 791909Lincoln Cent BrownGem66 801916sLincoln Red MS66 811924dLincoln CentF 821930sLincoln Cent RedMS65 831936Lincoln Cent RedMS66 841943Lincoln Rare Error?1X 851853Three Cent SilverXF 861858Three Cent SilverVF+ 871865Three Cent Repunch DateMS63 881866 & 71 Three Cents1x 891868Shield Nickel MS63+ 901869“ Repunch Date MS63+ 911883Liberty Nickel NCMS63 921913Buffalo Nickel Ty1 TRUGem64 931913Buffalo Type 2 & 1916s1x 941918dBuffalo Nickel KEYAU 951917& 23s Buffalo's1x 961937Buffalo NickelMS65 971834Bust Half DimeF 981851oSeated Half DimeXF 991854Seated Half Dime ArrowsF 1001857Seated Half DimeXF 1011861Seated Half DimeF 1021872Seated Half DimeF 102a1872Seated Half Dime MS65+ 1031807Heraldic Eagle DimeAU/XF 1041853Seated Dime ArrowsXF 1051857Seated DimeXF 1061876ccSeated Dime Cent. YearVF 1071887Seated Dime XF 1081890Seated DimeXF 1091891Seated DimeVF 1101905sBarber Dime SuperMS65+ 1111916Mercury Dime Near FSBMS65 1121917s28s 39s 24s 45s “ 1x 1131924dMercury DimeMS65 1141936Mercury Dime MS65 1151942Mercury Dime FSBGem67 1161853Seated Quarter A & RF 1171858Seated QuarterXF 1181877Seated Quarter VF+ 1191893oBarber QuarterMS63+ 1201894Barber Quarter DamageUNC 1211916Barber QuarterVF 1221917S L Quarter Var. 1F 1231919dS L Quarter KEY XF+ 1241932Washington Quarter AU+ 1251932dWashington Quarter KEYVF 1261932sWashington Quarter KEYAU 1271934dWashington Quarter KeyMS63+ 1281936Washington QuarterMS65 1291943sWashington QuarterMS65 1301944Washington QuarterMS65 1311947s“ Repunched SMS65 1321950sWashington QuarterGem66 1331955dWashington QuarterMS65 1341795Flowing Hair Bust HalfF+ 1351811Bust Half Small 8XF 1361825Bust Half XF 1371828Bust HalfVF 1381830Bust Half AU 1391830Bust Half Large OXF 1401831Bust HalfXF 1411832Bust Half AU 1421834Bust Half Large DateF 1431834Bust Half Small DateXF 1441835Bust Half XF 1451837Bust Half F 1461854oSeated Half ArrowsVF 1471855oSeated Half ArrowsXF 1481858Seated Half VF 1491872ccSeated Half 257,000XF+ 1501875Seated HalfAU 1511876Seated HalfF+ 1521877ccSeated HalfVG 1531916sW L Half ObverseG 1541918sW L Half VF 1551933sW L HalfVF+ 1561938dW L HALF KEY SuperGEM66 1571954dFranklin Half NTC FBLMS65 1581918Lincoln Comm. HalfMS60++ 1591892Columbian HalfAU 1601893Columbian HalfXF 1611925Stone MountainMS63 1621926SesquicentennialMS63+ 1631935dTexas only 10,008MS65 1641952Washington CarverMS65 1651943W L Half MS64+ 166195454d Franklin Halves  1xMS64 1671958dFranklin HalfMS65 1681960dFranklin HalfMS64 1691964Kennedy Accented HairMS65 1701851$1 US Type 1 GoldMS60+ 1711852$1 US Type 1 Gold ANACSAU 1721853$1 US Type 1 GoldMS63 1731853$2 ½ US Gold LibertyMS60 1741873$2 ½ US Gold Lib. Open 3MS63 1751900$2 ½ US Gold LibertyMS64 1761903$2 ½ US Gold LibertyMS63 1771911$2 ½ US Gold IndianMS65 1781912$2 ½ US Gold IndianMS65 1791913$2 ½ US Gold IndianMS62 1801911$2 ½ US Gold IndianMS62 1811913$2 ½ US Gold IndianMS63 1821927$2 ½ US Gold Indian MS63 1831928$2 ½ US Gold IndianMS63 1841880$5 US Gold LibertyAU 1851881$5 US Gold LibertyAU58 1861900$5 US Gold LibertyMS63 1871881$5 US Gold LibertyMS60 1881909d$5  US Gold IndianMS62 1891911$5 US Gold IndianMS63 1901988$5 US Gold EaglePr70 1912003w$5 US Gold EaglePr70 1922006w$5 US Gold EaglePr70 1931911$5 US Gold IndianMS63 1941860oSeated Dollar P/L MS60+ 1951871Seated DollarAU 1981874sTrade DollarAU 1971879& 83 Morgan Dollars 2xXF+ 1981878s“ Full Frost DMPLMS65 1991878ccMorgan DollarMS60 2001879Morgan DollarMS64 2011882& 87 Morgan Dollars 2xXF+ 2021878ccMorgan Closed CCMS63+ 2031880o8 over 7 Vam6A Top100MS64 2041881sMorgan Dollar DMPLMS65 2051881oMorgan Dollar DMPLGem65 2061882ooMorgan DollarMS64 2071885oMorgan Dollar DMPLCH64 2081886Morgan DollarMS64 2091885ccMorgan Ultra DMPLGem65 2101887Morgan DollarMS64 2111885ccMorgan Dollar GSAMS65 2121889Morgan DollarMS65 2131891oVAM 1A E clash SEGAU55 2141891Morgan Rare DMPLMS64 2151892Morgan DollarMS63 2161892sMorgan Dollar KEYF 2171893ccMorgan Dollar KEYXF 2181894sMorgan Dollar KEY P/LMS60+ 2191896Morgan DollarMS65 2201897Morgan DollarMS65 2211898Morgan DollarMS65+ 2221898oMorgan DollarMS65 2231899oMorgan VAM 6 Micro oMS64 2241899oMorgan Dollar Normal OMS65 2251899sMorgan KEY DMPLMS60 2261900Morgan DollarMS65 2271900oVAM Die crack RevMS65 2281900oVAM Double PLURIBUSMS65 2291900oVAM 8A O over CCAU+ 2302903Morgan DollarMS65 2311921sMorgan DollarMS64 2321904oMorgan Super ToningMS65 2331921Peace Rare VAM 1 Obv.MS66 2341922sPeaceMS60 2351923dsPeace Dollars 2x2x 2361925Peace Blazing WhiteMS65 2371925sPeace DollarMS60 2381027dPeace Dollar TonedAU 2391928Peace Dollar KEYMS64 2401934Peace DollarMS60 2411934dPeace DollarMS64 2421934sPeace Dollar KeyAU 2431935sPeace DollarMS65 2441984psSilver Olympic Dollars2x 245111965 Clad Kennedy Halves 11xBU 246111966 Clad Kennedy Halves 11xBU 247101967 Clad Kennedy Halves 10xBU 24851968d Clad Kennedy's 5xBU 2491933sW L Half XF 2501896Barber Half VG 2511883Shield NickelXF 2521859Indian CentF 2531853Seated Dime ArrowsF 2541887Seated DimeXF 2552 Error Lincoln Cents1x 2561859Indian CentVG 2571863Indian CentVF 2581889Indian CentXF 2591973s 1 – 5 – 10 25 cents INB 4x Proof 260196571d – 81 Dimes SGS 3xMS70 2611965Churchill MS65 262197980 & 99 Susan B's 1xMS69